Author Topic: K1RQG Estate Sale Part I Results  (Read 6461 times)

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K1RQG Estate Sale Part I Results
« on: October 16, 2011, 01:08:43 PM »
It has been a long time indeed since I saw so much high quality radio equipment at a hamfest or flea market.  There were some excellent deals for those who braved the weather forecasts Friday morning.  Joe had THREE Collins 'S' Line and two KWM-2 stations that were sold for very reasonable amounts.  The stuff was definitely priced to move and move it did.  Those who stayed away missed some truly remarkable deals.  I heard a lot of whining on Saturday.  Next time ignore the forecast and just show up. 

NEAR-Fest was very happy to help with the estate sale by providing the indoor selling space.  We have pledged to continue doing so until Joe's stuff is all gone.  We all owe Joe, Bob and Norm a great debt for the Hosstraders legacy; the "Grand Tradition" NEAR-Fest is attempting to maintain.  And, although we have made NEAR-Fest "different", there are some elements of the event that remain the same as before October 2006.  Hosstraders was as good as it gets!

I received this message from Norm, W1ITT (formerly WA1IVB) and I am posting it here verbatim:

"NearFest Estate Sale Results...

Bob, W1GWU, and I (W1ITT) brought some of K1RQG's equipment to NearFest X for sale and sold out.  As I have mentioned before, the current wisdom is that one has to sell on Ebay, with all the accompanying complication, or go the simple route and sell to one of the  widow-chasing lowball shysters whose ears perk up when they hear of a Silent Key.  Our experience proved otherwise.  A quick summary of what we know follows:

(1) People will still buy ham gear in a down economy at hamfests if you offer it at a fair price.

(2) If you sell over the counter instead of on Ebay you can discuss price, condition etc right there in real time and you don't have to pack and ship the stuff later.

(3) Before the Fest, we were offered a lowball price for the entire list from an estate chaser who, incidentally, became rather incensed and insulting when we refused to deal with him.  We had already promised the ham community that we would bring things to NearFest and didn't want to go back on our word. Over the years, Joe had made clear his opinion of the ghouls who try to lowball widows.  We ended up taking in over twice what the widow chaser offered and had a great time talking to new and old friends.

(4) In chatting with people, it became apparent that most hams don't have a plan for what will happen to their equipment when they head for the other side of the ionosphere.  Bob and Joe and I made an agreement over a decade ago.  Pick a couple trusted friends and make a plan for what happens after you assume room temperature. It's one of the kinder things you can do for your spouse.

(5) There's more goodies still at Joe's QTH and we'll be back with another load in the spring.  Thanks to NearFest for their cooperation!"

73 de Norm W1ITT and Bob W1GWU