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NEAR-Fest XI Schedule of Events
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NEAR-Fest XI Schedule of Events   

Friday, May 4th 2012.

6:00 AM: Fairgrounds Gate 'G' opens for Blue (Staff) and Yellow (Commercial Vendors) ONLY.  Commercial buildings open and set up commences. 

7:00 AM: Fairgrounds Gate 'G' opens for Clubs & Associations passholders only to occupy their traditional spaces.  NO "FOR SALE" ITEMS DISPLAYED OR SELLING IS PERMITTED UNTIL 9:00AM.

9:00 AM: Pre-Paid Entry, Gate 'F' opens for RED ticket and passholders only.    Once the Pre-Paid entry line has entered the General Admission line will enter through Gate 'E'.  Flea Market and Tailgating buying and selling commences.  Please note our flea market parking policy:

This is the ENTERTAINMENT BUILDING, see map for location.

4:30 PM: R-390A Workshop with George Rancourt, K1ANX   (Located in the Entertainment Building, see map)

R-390A aficionados won't want to miss this installment! George will be discussing a variety of topics related to this receiver including the somewhat esoteric R-725 version designed for "direction finding purposes" *wink*wink* covering not only the custom features, but also the history and somewhat cloudy trail leading to and from this receiver. Of course, George will have one of these fine rigs along for some show and tell.

Also on the schedule of topics will be the EAC/Hammarlund civilian version of the R-390A often referred to as the 'Rocketship' model due to the insignia used on the tag. Many will recall seeing these sets for sale back in the late 1960s, or possibly in old QST magazines for those who arrived at the interest later. And yes, believe it or not - George will have an example on hand for viewing. Few have surfaced compared to the surplus versions (perhaps the nearly $2K price tag had something to do with that), so this is a great opportunity to see a rare bird.

To finish things up, George will be bringing along some RF decks for demonstration purposes, along with associated coils and other items to examine and explain. Come equipped with plenty of questions and a notepad if you'd like to gather some great technical info.

A word to the wise: George is known for