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Re: Spring Jam
« on: May 06, 2012, 03:41:52 AM »
Hi all!
Ok so it's 2:53am Sunday
Wow! Another awesome Near-Fest! And "Ham Jam!"

Thank you all...! Bri u'd be proud! Everyone was helping everyone(without being asked,) Ben!, I dont know how to thank you enough, if you don't know Ben, & his family, your missing out! Some of the niceeeest (sorry RI Accxccent right Paulie?) people at the Near-Fest! They bring an entire PA system just for the "Ham Jam!" ok, some of them might be a little clumsy tho,, LOL! Thank you!

Ok, It was kinda like organized mayhem! What fun! Ok, maybe we could have used a good drummer or two (Joe!) but we made it thru!!!
The regular cast of characters were there! Some new faces in the crowd too tho! Pickup & cleanup was about the smoothest I've ever seen! Just a great job by all! We ever got to do an old favorite "piss weak mobile blues!" gotta love it!
Just another great jam! Missing some of our regular players but as our friend Cliffy said "family!"

Seriously, tho Thai you all... Adam& Adam side by side on their keyboards, Roj on his guitar, kicking some vox! Scott on bass, doing his vox,  Nolan singing and cranking guitar!!!, John n' John were cranking! Mayhem!! Oh yea and the new fav "Big Bottom by Spinal Tap"  Unreal! Ok if I forget anyone it's cuz it now 3:31am RI time!

On a more personal note, it my dad's KA1UKB 1000th Fest! And he still brings me along!  also like to mention this was my good friend kevin's first Near-Fest! And also my daughter Marissa's first Near-Fest! They both have a great time! Also the the guy who made it a point to come say he enjoyed the jam and "I made him smile" thank you for the compliment it does mean alot!

Ok, gonna go sleep for a few! Hope to see you all again in the fall.

Have a great summer everyone!


Hey October is just around the corner! Mr. Mike & the team are doing great job in keep the whole thing alive! Thank you!

Great job everyone!

Thank you all for pulling it all together!

Extra KA1VNJ